We want to gather again.
We want to gather smart.

Helping to restore trust in gathering again. Helping our small businesses thrive again.

Over the past few months, life has been far from normal, and we’re ready for a change.

We want to meet in person with family and friends, again. We want to connect with each other and make memories at our favorite places, again. We want to play, shop, celebrate, and travel, again. We want to gather again, and we want to gather smart. And, we bet you do too.

Welcome to GatherSmart™, an initiative started by a group of folks for whom gathering not only is essential to their emotional well-being but like so many of you, whose livelihoods depend on it. We come from the theme park, trade show, and live events industries. We are designers, fabricators, and advocates. We are people who need our communities to gather again so that we can get back to work.

Things have changed, and trust in gathering has diminished.

GatherSmart™ is dedicated to helping rebuild that trust.

Our first step is this website, which we hope makes it a bit easier for you to locate pertinent information for reengaging in public life. But we’re not stopping there. We are in the midst of innovating practical, trust-building tools to enhance the mutual relationship between businesses and their guests.

Please check back often. And, please help us stay current by submitting links as indicated at the end of our site below. We welcome your help, as we’re all in this together!

You can help us share our hashtag: #gathersmart

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More About Us

GatherSmart™ is a movement to help all of us feel more comfortable getting back out, whether it’s to have a meal, get a haircut, or see a movie.

GatherSmart™ is a website and app (coming soon) that will assist in restoring our trust in gathering.

GatherSmart™ is a non-governmental, non-partisan effort to help reinvigorate our economy, and get us back together again.

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Please complete the form below to join the movement to gather smart.