Governor Open Up and Recover Safely- A three phase approach to Open Oklahoma Safely
State Department of Health Public Health Reopening Plan
Commerce Open Up and Recover Safely with specific guidances
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City Site City of Tulsa Recovery FAQ
Tulsa Health Department Tulsa Health- Reopening Guidances
City Site Oklahoma City News Page
Tulsa Department of Health Tulsa Food Establishment Reopening Guidance
Governor Elective Procedures-Can Resume 4/24/20, minor and dental – 5/1
Governor 4/24-Personal care businesses can reopen for appointments,State parks and outdoor recreation areas 5/1-restaurant dining rooms, movie theaters, gyms, Tattoo parlors can reopen only for appointments,places of worship can reopen if they leave every other row or pew open.
News- Koco Oklahoma enters phase two of reopening Friday amid coronavirus pandemic; here’s what to know
Oklahoma State Department of Health COVID-19 Alert System